Airdrop Your Token On The Velas Network

We are pleased to announce that Crypto Multisender now supports the Velas Network. The decision to add this network is due to the advanced and innovative technology behind the Velas blockchain, in addition to the extremely low gas fees. Adding this network was a must for us because we know how much airdrop gas fees can be. However, with the Velas network, the costs are minimal and affordable for all. So we made a decision, in the spirit of keeping fees low on the Velas network, we decided to set the service fees to just 0.04 VLX per recipient address. At the time of this writing, 0.04 VLX is just $0.002. At this price, one could airdrop tokens to 500 addresses for just $1. This low price is achievable due to our pricing model.

How to airdrop tokens on the Velas Network

Step 1 - In order to airdrop your token on the Velas Network, you must first connect your web3 wallet by clicking the "Connect Wallet" button. You must also ensure that your wallet contains the token that you intend to airdrop.

Step 2 - Select the type of token you will be distributing. The four options are VLX, ERC20. ERC721 and ERC1155.

Step 3 - If you are not airdropping VLX tokens, then insert the contract address of your token.

Step 4 - Provide the list of addresses according to our guidelines.

Step 5 - If you are not airdropping VLX tokens, then in this step you will need to authorise Crypto Multisender to automate the distribution of your token.

Step 6 - Submit your airdrop.