Airdrop Your Tokens On Fantom Opera

We're excited to announce that you can now airdrop tokens on the Fantom network with Crypto Multisender. The decision to add this network was an easy one, Fantom is one of the major up-and-coming projects with a real use case. With near-instant transactions and confirmation coming through in seconds with cheap fees that seem free compared to Ethereum gas prices.

The project itself is still growing with the latest goals being:

  • 300,000 transactions per second as a target. 
  • Cross-chain communication.
  • Bank-grade security

Fantom’s Lachesis algorithm is also best-in-class for instantaneous transactions. As they put it, “In today’s fast-paced world, anything that requires a wait or delay of any sort would simply not be used.”. This means that it has been built to work with any other programming language that developers might build an application in. Some of the expected areas of integration for Lachesis (and Fantom) are within smart home systems, healthcare and resource management. 

Before you send your token, we are offering to multisend the first 100 wallet addresses on Fantom as part of the free trial for you to test our smart contract out. 

How to multisend tokens on the Fantom network

To airdrop your tokens on the Fantom network, just follow the steps outlined:

  1. Go to our token multisender tool.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Select the Fantom Network.
  4. Select the token you intend to airdrop.
  5. Upload a spreadsheet with the addresses and the amounts in accordance with our file submission guidelines.
  6. Click “next step” and approve our smart contract to automate the distribution of your token.
  7. Multisend your token.

Simple! If you need any help please reach out on the Live Chat Support, we are at your disposal. 

VIP membership on the Fantom network

If you're interested in becoming a VIP member on our Fantom smart contract, we offer the best price which is 150 FTM for a lifetime membership. However, due to our low service fees, it would only be worth it for you to get a membership if you intend to airdrop your token to over 1,500 addresses.