How To Airdrop OpenSea NFTs

Unlike other ERC1155 NFTs, the process of airdropping NFTs from the OpenSea platform is not so straightforward. The reason for this is, when a set of NFTs get minted on OpenSea, the NFTs are not automatically sent to the wallet of the minter. Instead, the NFTs remain in the OpenSea smart contract. The problem with this is that the NFTs must be in your wallet before you can proceed with the airdrop.

How to overcome this problem

The solution is to transfer the NFTs from the OpenSea smart contract to your wallet. To do this, go to your NFT's page on the OpenSea website and click the transfer button near the top right of the page. Then simply enter the quantity and the address to send the NFTs to. Unfortunately, OpenSea does not allow you to use the same address that was used when minting. Therefore, the only option is to send the NFTs to another wallet address that you control. 

Airdrop your NFTs

If you followed the above instructions, you are now ready to airdrop your NFTs! Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Prepare and upload your list of wallet addresses, token IDs and quantities to send to each address. You can refer to our file submission guidelines to see the required format for ERC1155 NFTs.
  2. Go to our NFT multisender page.
  3. Connect your wallet to the multisender. Make sure that you are using the wallet address that has the NFTs and that you are also connected to the correct network.
  4. Approve the Crypto Multisender smart contract to multisend your NFTs.
  5. Airdrop your NFTs by signing all transactions.

Need support?

If you're experiencing any difficulties with airdropping your OpenSea NFT, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us via our live chat, our Telegram group chat, or you can send us a DM on Twitter. We are here to help and we always respond in a timely manner.