We Offer The Best Prices of Any Token Multisender

Not only are we the cheapest, but our pricing model is very different compared to any multisender in the crypto market. How so? The service fees we charge are dynamic, unlike other multisender tools.

Attention! These prices do not include the cost of gas fees.

Here's what we mean by dynamic fees

With Crypto Multisender, the service fee is based on the size of a batch transfer (i.e. the number of addresses to send tokens to). The fees are as follows:

Network Single Transfer Fee Rate
ETH 0.00006* ETH 15,000 TXs per 1 ETH
BSC 0.000286 BNB 3,500 TXs per 1 BNB
Avalanche 0.00166* AVAX 600 TXs per 1 AVAX
Polygon 0.1 MATIC 10 TXs per 1 MATIC
Fantom Opera 0.1 FTM 10 TXs per 1 FTM
Velas 0.04 VLX 25 TXs per 1 VLX

Our dynamic pricing model is one of the things that sets us aside from the competition. Other multisenders charge a set fee, no matter how many recipients a batch transfer has. For example, one of the most popular multisender tools charges 0.09 ETH on the Ethereum network, 0.5 BNB on the BSC network, and 100 MATIC on the Polygon (MATIC) chain, even when sending tokens to just 5 users! To find out more about this, read this case study we made titled Why are airdrop fees so high?

On the other end of the spectrum is our approach, you pay for what you use. No more and no less. We aim to cater for all types of users. For instance, users who regularly send tokens to just 20 - 30 addresses, we can accommodate their needs without extorting them.

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